Finding Great Insights

Qualitative research & consumer connect

Our roots are in qualitative research. That is where we fell in love with the power of insights. It is still one of our main sources of inspiration and often the starting point of our processes.

Insight development workshops

Looking for a strong insight as the foundation for your positioning or new concept? With the right team and our support, you can find precious nuggets of insight in chaos. It is hard work, but great fun and what a “WOW” when we find it!

Synthesis / reviews

Most companies have more data and reports than time to make sense of them. We love to distil the insights that are in there and build you a comprehensive story with a clear way forward.

Training and Consultancy

We enjoy sharing sharing our passion for insights with companies that want to put their customers at the heart of their business. We offer training on the essence of insight, insightful behaviours and practical tools and processes.